My Handy Lab

The next generation Point-Of-Care system

  • Patented lensless optical technology
  • Microcuvette with unique microfluidics
  • Bluetooth connection
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My Handy Lab

Just insert a Tsmart® to get
the biological parameter you need!

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My Handy Lab

  • Available for PT/INR
  • Can be upgraded for multiple testing
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Establishing a strong global distribution network

Starting primarily with Europe and the Middle East, we are currently developing our distribution network by recruiting reliable and efficient partners, willing to enable their customers to benefit from an innovative Point-Of-Care (POC) solution that perfectly meets the market requirements of today and tomorrow.

LabPad® has real value for patients. That’s why we are involved with our partners to push POC testing to the limits and to, together, help improve patients’ quality of life.

LabPad® :  accuracy and ergonomy to meet your expectations


LabPad® is an innovative medical device designed to meet the markets’ increasing need for multi-measurement capabilities using POC testing.

Its versatility comes from its patented lensless optical technology and the Tsmart® microcuvette for microfluidics.

The first commercially available test allows for warfarin monitoring.

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  • Accurate results
  • Reliable POC testing device with built-in quality controls
  • Low blood volume (3µL)
  • Quick-filling
  • Easy sharing of results via Bluetooth
  • Versatile device enabling a wide range of tests


ARS Auvergne Rhône-Alpes partner of Avalun          BPI partner of Avalun          CEA partner of Avalun         i-Care partner of Avalun         Lyonbiopole partner of Avalun           MedicAlps partner of Avalun           Minalogic partner of Avalun

Last update January 30, 2017.

About Avalun

Ever since it was founded, Avalun has focused its efforts on developing LabPad®, a connected Handy Lab designed to address the needs for multiparametric near-patient testing.

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