LabPad INR highlighted by Biologistes infos

May 30, 2018

Biologistes Infos May 2018

The Biologistes Infos of this month looks back in its innovation pages to the achievements of the CORINNE pilot project.

Initiated in December 2015 by Avalun, this innovative experiment was supported by the Regional Health Agency in cooperation with Dyomedea labs and 3 nursing homes. Intended for patients with cardiovascular disorders on warfarin treatment, the CORINNE project aimed at experiencing the INR measurement connected to the lab for patients in nursing homes.

The three-pages article looks back in details to the achievements of the experiment and feedback from its stakeholders, starting with involved healthcare professionals. Beyond increased efficiency and comfort, it especially relates an occurrence that illustrates by itself the most important benefit for patients: following a test made by LabPad INR and immediately transmitted to the lab, 4 hours were earned as compared with the usual routine to administrate the antidote to a patient found in danger with a 7.5 INR.

While the formal experiment ended in December last year, Dyomédéa labs is now looking forward to deploying the solution over an increased number of nursing homes.